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Nanaimo Arts Council AGM Voting 2024


You are a member in good standing of the Nanaimo Arts Council as of the record date of March 7, 2023. As such, you are entitled to vote for the election of directors. The online voting period is from March 21st to April 4th inclusive, and the results will be made known at the AGM on April 7th. Although online voting is the preferred method, you can vote by mail by sending a mail or email request by March 1 to nacfrontdesk@gmail.com.

Election of Directors

We have four nominees for the position of director this year, and their bios are shown below.

Ahlam Bavi
Ahlam is a media professor at VIU and a digital artist specializing in the digitization of cultural heritage through 3D technologies, design, and digital humanities research. Her expertise lies in enhancing accessibility to cultural heritage and preserving its significance for First Nation and
marginalized communities through innovative solutions. She expresses her creativity as a visual artist utilizing 3D printing technology to craft captivating sculptures that defy conventional artistic boundaries. Ahlam leads the way in reimagining artwork to achieve heightened accessibility. Her ingenious design remediation techniques encompass tactile 3D-printed reliefs, 3D tufting, graphics, images, and interactive audio. She is currently working on her visual design exhibition and art book focusing on immigration and belonging identity. Ahlam's varied instructional skills encompass digital media studies methods, underscoring her analytical and adaptable teaching approach.

Penny Maday Ciochetti
Penny is a professional artist and instructor who has dedicated her life to the Arts for forty years. She began her career as a junior and senior high school Art teacher and then created and taught classes and workshops for adults and children in Canada and Europe. Penny has created arts curriculum and provided instruction in public, private, At risk, Independent as well as First Nations schools, in community and seniors centers, at corporate retreats, wellness settings, and as a guest lecturer at VIU. She has owned and operated Island Girl Art Studio since 2009 and has had hundreds of local students as well as participants from around the world. She also conducts Art, Culture and Culinary Tours to Florence, Italy. Her work has appeared in shows in Rome, Berlin, Florence, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island. Her strengths are in the areas of communication, community building, marketing, business, events management/promotion and wellness. She has a strong interest in supporting local culture in Nanaimo and has served on several community boards and volunteered with many local organizations over the years.

Sandra Miles
Sandra’s career encompassed a variety of industries in administrative and management positions, and she specializes in corporate governance and working with Boards of Directors. Sandra’s most recent experience lies with the Nanaimo Golf Club where she is both the Women’s Captain and a Director on the Board. She holds a Business Administration diploma from Calgary’s Mount Royal University. She also has a keen interest in strategic planning, the foundation to any organization’s growth and sound development. Although not an artist, she appreciates the goals and objectives of NAC and wishes to contribute to the effectiveness of a progressive, professional organization. Sandra has been a Director of Nanaimo Arts Council and the Secretary for the past three years.

Stephanie Roth
Stephanie landed her first professional singing job at age 16. She graduated from Sheridan College Musical Theatre Program and has performed throughout North America in a wide variety of musical productions. She has over 36 years’ experience in the Musical theatre industry. Currently, Stephanie is on the faculty at The Canadian College of the Performing Arts in Victoria, teaching Connections – acting through song. In 2022, Stephanie established the Stephanie Roth Performing Arts Studio, offering comprehensive teaching expertise to all ages. Stephanie is also a distinguished director, producer and creator. In 2023, Stephanie partnered with The Arts Council of Ladysmith and District and was honored with the New Horizons Grant for Seniors, a federal grant supporting senior engagement through the arts. The hallmark of her success is nurturing talent at all ages, creating a lasting impact on the world of performing arts.

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