Islands Short Fiction Review Winners


Congratulations to all the winners of the Islands Short Review Contest.

Special thanks to the Vancouver Island Regional Library and to Vancouver Island University. They both co-sponsored the event by contributing personnel and prizes. Thanks as well to the Nanaimo Foundation, for providing a grant to support the participation of children and youth. We also would like to thank our core funders, the City of Nanaimo and the British Columbia Arts Council.


Adult Category (19+):

First Place


by Robert Bowerman

Second Place

A Santa for Ginnie

by Charles Whelton

Third Place

The Gambler and the Thief

by Zann Hemphill

Youth Category (13–18):

First Place

The Push

by Lillith Stoyko-Lang

Second Place

Servant of the Ants

by Alexander Cody

Third Place (tied)

Earth Quake

by Blanca Staffeldt-Jost

Junior Category (12 and under):

First Place

The Grimathonian Monster

by Lillith Stoyko-Lang

Second Place

With me Always

by Abi Bonnell

Third Place

Maggie and Ginger’s Big Adventure

by Wyatt West

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