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Judges’ Bios

Tracy Myers Bio:

Tracy Myers is a community activist, musician, spoken word artist and family counsellor. Her project Tongue and Groove invites audiences to move hearts, minds and bodies with a blend of words and music. The group has produced two albums- Shedding and Stories That Live in Bones. You might catch them at a rally, a festival, a community event or any space that invites disruption of the status quo.

Carla Stein Bio:

Carla Stein’s artwork and poetry have been published in anthologies and literary magazines including Sustenance, Ascent Aspirations, Friday’s Poems, An Anthology of Nanaimo Poetry, Island Arts Magazine, Island Woman, Stonecoast Review, Sad Girl Review, Please Hear What I’m Not Saying, Lemonspouting, Polar Starlight and others. She has released two poetry chapbooks, Sideways Glances of an Everyday Sailor and Shrieking from the Shore. Carla is the current artistic director of Wordstorm Society of the Arts, and a co-founder of 15 Minutes of Infamy, a word craft performance venue based in Nanaimo, Canada. You can view her artwork online at www.roaeriestudio.com.