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Art Around Town

in the

Port Theatre

Register by Nov. 15,

Hanging Date: Nov. 18, 2021

10 A.M.

Paints and Pencils


  • Art Around Town is open to Nanaimo Art Council members only.
  • This exhibit is 2-D work only and will show for approximately 3 months.
  • Work will be juried by the Hanging Committee on the day of hanging
  • Work must be for sale. Commission is 30%.
  • Due to space limitations, outside dimensions must be NO LARGER THAN 36 inches in the longest dimension.
  • All work must be hanging ready, appropriately framed or finished with braided-wire hangers and the artist name, medium, title of work, and price firmly affixed to the back of the art.
  • Space is limited so only one piece per artist will be hung.


  • If you submit an acceptable photograph of your work, we will also put it up on the website.
  • See our guidelines for photography tips, and other details and requirements

Deadline for entries: Nov. 15

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