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Nanaimo Artwalk 2021

Downtown Nanaimo

Saturday & Sunday, December 4th & 5th, 2021

10:00am to 4:00pm


Submissions are now open (entry form below). Early submission ended June 30th. Submissions remain open until July 31st at the regular fee of $60.

We are excited to announce that the Nanaimo Arts Council will be operating the Downtown Nanaimo Artwalk this year.

Nanaimo is home to an astounding number of incredibly talented and accomplished artists. A good portion of this community comes together once a year to share their creations with you. Each year, 25–50 artists who work in a variety of mediums open their studios or set up displays in businesses in downtown Nanaimo to offer work for view and sale.

This year will be the 23rd anniversary of the festival, and features many new and exciting artists, new locations and as well as favourites from years before. We think you will find this year especially enjoyable.

The previous Artwalk committee members, who have run the program very successfully for many years, would like to concentrate on their own art in the future, and approached us to see if we might take on the program. We are very excited to do so, and will work hard to live up to the high standards which they were able to maintain.

As in the past, artists must arrange their own venues, whether that be in a business, an empty storefront, or their studio. Due to our funding, the Artwalk is geographically limited to the downtown area. You can view a map of this area here.

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This year, the Nanaimo Artwalk is only available to Arts Council Members, but at a reduced cost to help during COVID.

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