Nanaimo Artwalk 2022   

Group Registration


This year, group registration will be offered under the following parameters:

A group consists of 10 or more artists at one location.

Each member of the group must also be an individual member of the Nanaimo Arts Council.
The group as a whole, however, does not need to hold a group membership.
The fee for individual membership is $15 annually, available through the NAC website:

The fee to register as a group for Nanaimo Artwalk is $30 per artist (minimum 10 artists). To
register your group, please contact Artwalk Coordinator Carla Miranda at

The group organizer will need to provide a list of names of the artists in the group.

Each group will receive one listing in the Event Guide, 1/3 of a page 4.75” wide x 2.5” high,
maximum 350 characters, with one image. In addition, each group will receive one listing in the
website guide, which may include up to 5 images. Group organizer to provide this information
to Michelle Gilligan via email.

Any individual artist in the group who wishes to purchase their own listing in the Event Guide
and on the website may do so at an additional cost of $30. A dedicated link will be provided to
the group organizer to share with group members to use for this purpose.

A painting of birds flying around a lighthouse.
Painting of brushes covered in dried paint.
Absract illustration of colorful oils