Nanaimo Artwalk 2024

Businesses – Purchase an Ad



Dear Local Business Owner or Manager:

Nanaimo Artwalk, a free winter festival in our city’s cultural landscape, brings the community together and significantly boosts our local economy. Artwalk takes place on Saturday, November 23rd (10 am – 4 pm) and Sunday, November 24th (noon – 4 pm) featuring over 60 artists at 20 public and private venues in downtown Nanaimo and the Old City Quarter connected by a free shuttle service

Promote Your Organization

The Nanaimo Arts Council has multiple promotional opportunities for your organization to gain visibility and support a local cultural event.

  • Place an ad in the Event Guide – a 32-page colour brochure listing the artists, venues, sponsors and advertisers. We print 1,500 Guides – just in time for Christmas shopping! Your ad will also appear in our bimonthly newsletter (circ. 1,200) during November at no additional cost. It’s our way of saying thanks!

Ad sizes and rates for the Event Guide.

      • 1/3 page 4.75” wide x 2.5” high $55
      • 2/3 page 4.75” wide x 5.0” high $110
      • Full page 4.75” wide x 7.75” high $165
      • Inside front cover 4.75” wide x 7.75” high $210
      • Inside back cover 4.75” wide x 7.75” high $210
      • Outside back 4.75” wide x 7.75” high $250
  • Add your name and logo to an Artwalk ad (11″ x 17″) appearing on 59 city buses and 27 transit shelters throughout the city during November. $25
  • Place an ad in the Nanaimo News Bulletin in support of Artwalk. Expect a Bulletin representative to contact you this fall.
  • Donate a DOOR PRIZE. Prize sponsors will be listed on the Welcome Boards on the dates of the event and in our newsletter.


How to Submit Your Ad for the Event Guide or Transit Ad – Due by September 15

Please use the submission form on the Nanaimo Art Council website to submit your print-ready ad and make payment:

Contact Jenaya Shaw, Artwalk Coordinator at for more information or to donate a door prize.

Host an Artist

Venues that host an artist(s) benefit from increased foot traffic and recognition as a supporter of the arts.

Each artist is responsible for arranging their venue and negotiating the details with the individual business. Generally, a company commits to offering space to display the art, allowing the artist on-site for the event’s duration, and providing access ahead of time for the artist to set up.

If you’d like to connect with an artist seeking a venue, please contact Artwalk Program Coordinator Jenaya Shaw here.

Join in the Spirit of the Event

If your place of business is unfit to host an artist, we encourage venues to get creative and show your support for Artwalk in other ways! Perhaps a drink or food special with an artsy theme, offer a discount for people showing their Artwalk Event Guide, or create a window display that reflects the fun and creative spirit of Artwalk.

A painting of birds flying around a lighthouse.
Painting of brushes covered in dried paint.
Absract illustration of colorful oils