Moon Jelly Gallery

This exhibition brings together three artists whose diverse practices are premised on a deep connection to land. They offer varying reflections on how land and territory carry stories and histories while shaping both perception and identity. Mary Anne Molcan’s Estuary series of linocuts are the result of a sustained relationship with place. Traveling for several years to the Cluxewe River Estuary, where salt and fresh water connect in a constantly changing ecosystem, led Molcan to reflect on its ecological richness and precarity. Her prints include both the water that engulfs the estuary and the flora and fauna that makes up its biodiversity. In vivid colours and patterns of repetition, they show her experience that is not visible to the naked eye. Carly Nabess’s Beaded Landscapes root her to land.

Drawing on her Métis identity through the inclusion of beadwork, Nabess’s work is abundant with plant life and the movement of bodies of water against the weight of mountains. Nabess diligently created these works over several months as a labour of love, wielding a focused consideration of the importance of land to Nabess’s identity. The process of making these works enabled Nabess to strengthen her connection to culture and land, while addressing the removal of Métis people throughout so-called Canadian land.

Using his practice as a mode of storytelling, Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun’s digital works are the outcome of careful study of Coast Salish styles passed down to him through his ancestors. His work asserts presence, acknowledging the intrinsic relationship of Coast Salish creation stories to land and territory. They show the interconnectedness of beings: salmon, moths, the sun, and the moon. While drawing on Coast Salish tradition and worldviews, his work is also a conduit to tell new stories of survival, strength, and beauty. Through deeply rooted connections with land these artists are able to tap into the many ways in which land is more than material, and demanding of our care.

Curated by Madalen Claire Benson

To learn more about each artwork click on the image to read the artist’s description in their own words.


Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun, Moths Dancing Around the Moon
Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun, Two Indians Challenge Powers of White Man / To Continue to Exist as Formerly
Carly Nabess, Ennbrosh a payncheur (Paintbrush)
Mary Anne Molcan, Fern Dance
Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun, Xwuxwiyem Qeq (Sand Flea Baby)
Carly Nabess, Ennbrosh a payncheur (Paintbrush)
Carly Nabess, Wihkasin (Delicious)
Carly Nabess, For Kookum (gramma)
Mary Anne Molcan, Fluid Space
Mary Anne Molcan, Continuum
Mary Anne Molcan, Mind Over Water
Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun, Mi Kwanusum tu Sumshathut i tu Xpey (Sunrise and Cedar)
Carly Nabess, Salmonberries at Spit
Carly Nabess, Noohtay (Longing)
Works not for sale. Please contact each artist for inquiries.