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Mary Anne Molcan, Mind Over Water

Mary Anne Molcan, Mind Over Water, Hand Carved and Pulled Lino Block Print, 9.75” x 11.75”, 2019

Mind Over Water occupies the beginning of the Estuary Series as I carved my Lino block at the picnic table of my campsite. My mind became transfixed as the landscape of the ocean waters shifted with ever evolving contours and colours. The transitions appeared like a kaleidoscope and I tried to capture just one glimpse into the fluid motions before me. My tools worked rhythmically across the surface as I watched the waterscape change. I am attracted to the meditative qualities of hand carving which help to create a bridge for me to unearth the subtleties of my surroundings. This process enveloped a sense of rawness and urgency to the mark making and in turn, inspired the overall series.