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Mary Anne Molcan, Vicissitude, Hand Carved and Pulled Lino Block Print, 9.75” x 11.75”, 2020

Vicissitude was the last piece created for this series. I am always intrigued with the sight of new growth growing from detritus. The skeletal remains of plant life bring forward new growth on a continual basis, not only on land but also on water. The estuarine ecosystems depend on organic matter from the forest floor for the nutrients they give the animals and fish of the area, which in turn keep the oceans, rivers and lakes healthy. Pathways carved through the land by the changing tides connect the forest to the water. Vicissitude is tied to Fern Dance and represents the debris of the fern. The globe of bright green embraces the death of plant life and exemplifies the connectedness of the ecosystems. These relationships are vital to new life and I questioned human interference and unsustainable practices as I created this work.