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Gathering (Ekphrastic Celebration Second Place)

by Michelle Gilligan

Acrylic on paper. w9″  h9″

Springtime in the Anthropocene
Poem by Jannine Grant

Springtime in the Anthropocene
Your eighty-year-old neighbour sees you hanging out laundry and says:

There used to be so many birds around here
they shit all over the clothesline so I took it down.

Birds perch under her deck’s metal roof and make a racket

chirps reverberate in the empty air
wings beat, make a shield over the empty yard

range reduced to a fly by between giant his & hers Emperor of Heavens
planted over fifty years ago by a long-gone husband.

God knows where the nest is hidden

could be exactly in the same place it was fifty years ago
feathered and full of hope while

arrow-like bird-bodies blot out the sun
keep eggs cool & get ready to fly windward.




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