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The Web We Weave (Ekphrastic Celebration First Place)

by Therise Duck

Watercolour on paper. w18" x h16"

Light Weaver — First Place
Poem by Katie Tipper

Leaning in to endings
Opening space for beginnings
Trusting the bend to curl
And once again come to an end
It’s so hard to remember
How these cycles
Roll ‘round ever more
And let them come without a fight
Summers and falls and winters
Pass through me
Even in the gentle sun of spring
This circle turns me inward
And thrusts me outward
A constant convexing of myself
Against the balance
Of light and dark
We do not come here
To bask in this glow alone
Sometimes we make our best medicine
Pulling the tenderest of silks around ourselves
Weaving against the tension
Of our own becoming
A web to catch
Our own love
And light
Katie Tipper

Within Without
Poem by Maria M. Noël

World within a world
Line by line
is written my message
for all to see.


My home is what I weave
Never ending,
as the circle of life
keeps me trapped in its web.

Ah! To go beyond
this frame
To explore another world,
another texture,
another place.

But alas! I stay within,
the confines that I have constructed
and look out,
upon a new frontier.

Garden Lens
Poem by Ian Cognitō

spider web perches
discreetly, shimmers
among glistening leaves
in this polarizing morning light

its concentric filaments
and attaching strands
resist the pull
of a breeze that flutters
through the leaves
and makes branches
nod, vigorously, up and down
as the web holds its own

our protagonist, the spider
is nowhere to be seen
perhaps she
is on some errand
she has vanished
through a portal which
has opened up at the centre
of her disused web

my eye carries me to and
through this opening, as I contemplate
what lies beyond
on the other side
of this web’s delicate façade

only a spider would know for sure
with its polyscopic world view


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