Neck Point Beach Dog

by Dorota Goede

Oil and cold wax on paper on panel. w12″ x h14″

I was surprised to find this amazing root driftwood at the park beach. It does look like a sitting dog upon arriving at the Neck Point North beach via main access path. I had decided to paint it as I had experienced it on a hot, sunny, day. The driftwood purple shadows and the glow of wood were stunningly beautiful and the resemblance of the root to a sitting do was an inspiration. I am reapplying to keep the same art on display as I am travelling to Spain for two months and unable to arrange an exchange! Thank you kindly for this consideration. PS. The current description excludes frame. The quite interesting frame is included


Shipping not included, and must be arranged with the artist.

Framing not included, unless otherwise stated.

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